Thoughts for Feb, 2006
Last Updated: Jan 6th, 2011
Gateway to the soul (Feb 28th, 2006)
Eyes, they say, are the gateway to the soul. Coincidentally, they also reflect the environment outside of one's self. Quite a paradox I'd say.

This past weekend I did a number of shoots, approx. 300-400 exposures total. After culling, about 40 shots I liked. That's quite the haul for two days I'd say. Haven't been in the studio at all but have been using the Alien Bees, my vigilant sidekicks.

eye hazel willow pupil camera reflector
Oh yeah, and I chose a name. (Feb 11th, 2006)
The logo isn't final, but is the general direction I think I'll be going. Want to communicate : light! art! professionalim!

The domain is registered : ... website coming soon.

Alien Bee Landing (Feb 11th, 2006)
They've arrived. I spent hours yesterday unpacking, customizing and goofing around with my new studio lighting kit. I got quite a well-rounded kit and can't wait to start shooting some portraits. Should be able to setup at the studio next Wednesday. I did start a Spanish night course this past Wednesday ... but was glancing at the clock within the first half hour. Boring!

I'd rather be shooting.

alien bee strobe light flash lighting studio
Wabbits (Feb 5th, 2006)
As part of a series of fantastic events this weekend, I had the opportunity to take some macro shots of some newborn rabbits. This little guy is less than a day old.

Another from the series is the news that I have found a space to use as a studio! It's a very large, open, shared space in downtown Nanaimo. There are 7 other artists that use it as a creative workshop. Mostly painters.

Getting a bit frustrated with the effort it's requiring to devise a name for the studio business that I like though. It'll come to me ... it'll come to me.
newborn rabbit pink green animal baby

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