Thoughts for Mar, 2006
Last Updated: Jan 6th, 2011
Green is so many ways (Mar 28th, 2006)
Behold the headquarters of another partnership between two like-minded individuals. This is my workstation setup and view. Those are snow-capped peaks of some of the coastal mountains through the window.

It's a little slice of heaven in a sea of bliss.
office computer monitor green mountains window
K is for Kross (Mar 26th, 2006)
Q : What do you get when you mix two photographers with one cancelled party and a nearby cemetary?

A : A great shot!

What a week! I am in in love with the freelance lifestyle. Let's see how long I can keep it up.

graveyard cemetary man cross night stars long exposure
How things change (Mar 22nd, 2006)
So.... I've quit my job, setup an office on a nearby island, acquired a bunch more studio equipment and added a few more websites to my queue. Things change.

My new life is great though really. I spend tons of time outdoors, with my dog, with children, with beautiful women, with people I can communicate with. It's like what life should be.

This image is a painting done by a woman I share studio space with. I think it's amazing. If you want it, contact me.
blue flux painting corissa
Thinking outside the box (Mar 5th, 2006)
Tom Chudleigh has a vision. It's a futuristic story of colonies of fiberglass spheres suspended dozens of feet above the ground in an old growth forest near you. The great part is : Tom has the know-how to make it happen and is doing so.

Spent a good part of Friday helping a friend capture footage of Tom and his spheres. Watch for an upcoming special on CTV featuring the free spirit spheres. Click here to visit Tom's website.
treehouse sphere free spirit tom chudleigh errington forest
Blue Swirl (Mar 1st, 2006)
Adding some more gear to the Friday Photo & Design arsenal today. It's not in my hands as we speak (er ... type) but soon ... very soon.

Took this pic on the weekend. It's a one inch diameter glass pendant made by Kami of Kind Kreations - website coming soon.
blue glass beads pendant white fingers

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